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Creating Video Captions with Asian and Other Accented Characters

A common problem with creating captions for video is when you run into non-Enlish characters. Asian characters and European accented characters can present special problems for captioning. People will often create QT Text files with these characters... ...and find out they look like gibberish when they view them embedded into their movies. What's the answer? MovieCaptioner tackles this problem by using TeXML files instead of QT Text files to embed captions into a movie. The XML file it creates will support many characters. You can import a Chinese transcript into MovieCaptioner, for example, but you must prepare the file first. Let's say you have a Chinese transcript in Microsoft Word... (Thanks to William Roth, Broadcast Operations Engineer at the Cleveland Clinic for providing this sample transcript.) Don't try to directly import a MS Word document or and RTF file. First, save it as a new "Plain Text" file. After selecting Plain Text and giving