Free Refills!

Don't you really like it when you go to a restaurant and there's a sign that says "Free Refills" on your drink? Well, I know a lot of people think I'm crazy, but that's my philosophy when someone purchases my software. Once you buy, you're in the club. You get free upgrades for as long as I continue to offer the software. Isn't that the way it should be? Why do software companies charge a premium for new versions of their software when often it's just a bunch of bug fixes anyway? Why should I have to pay for someone to fix what they should have gotten right in the first place? The way I feel is that free upgrades are a nod to my previous customers, a way of saying "thanks!" for supporting the software early on and helping me to improve it. When MovieCaptioner was first released a few years ago it had its share of major bugs, and being new to the software arena, I knew that I had to make up for my lack of programming ability by always striving to make it better and better, as trouble-free as possible. I think I'm succeeding for the most part, because I rarely get problem reports. Most of the time it's questions about "Can I do this?" or "How would I go about doing that?" I try to give each email I receive the utmost personal care. I figure that every time someone has a problem, it gives me valuable information about how people interact with the program and what I might be able to do to make things easier for the user. For being the sole proprietor and head bottle washer, I am really pleased that I don't get as many problem reports as I thought I would. Sometimes I feel like the Maytag repairman, and that's a good thing (if you're old enough to remember those commercials). So, just remember that when you purchase MovieCaptioner, you're going to get my undivided attention, and best of all, free refills.

Please give MovieCaptioner a try to make your movies accessible. You can download a free 14 day fully working demo.


  1. I can vouch for this. Patrick, I really appreciate the time you've given me. I'm really excited to start my captioning hobby for some sermons I listen to.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs!

  2. Glad I was able to help. It actually helps me to make a better product when I find out where some of the sticking points are with users. I don't get too many support questions, so when I do I try to get them resolved as best I can. Best of luck with your sermons!


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