How to Add Captions to YouTube Videos

It's really simple to add captions to your YouTube videos. If you're using MovieCaptioner, just use the YouTube export option...

This will create a text file with a ".srt" file extension, which you would upload to YouTube after you've uploaded your movie. Just click the CC button under your movie...

Inline image 1

Then choose Add new subtitles or CC...Inline image 2

Select Upload a file...

Inline image 3

Choose Subtitles file and find your SRT file that you exported from MovieCaptioner, then click Upload.

Inline image 4

After the SRT file uploads, you'll see the captions on the right-hand side of the screen. Just scroll to the bottom and click the Publish button and you're done. Pretty simple. 

Inline image 5

It will tell you your captions were published... 
Now all you need to do is click the CC button on the playbar of your movie and enable your captions. 

Inline image 6

Please give MovieCaptioner a try. You can download a free, fully-functional demo that is good for 14 days from Please view the tutorial videos there to see how easy it is to be up and running with MovieCaptioner in a few minutes.

Good luck with your captioning projects!


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